We ship within 2/3 days of getting order and for some kinds of backdrops it’s 5 to7 days even. The reason for this is each and every backdrop is produced manually and only on getting order. And as the sizes are big, they’re produced outdoor, so are weather dependent too. On top of it production of some kinds of designs, like handpainted, washes, reversibles in itself is weather dependent as they need exposure to Sun. We’ve 1500 designs in 8 sizes, so it’s not possible to keep stock of every design in every size and ship immediately on order.

Only the solid colours are mill dyed and we keep stocks in thousands of meters and ship immediately on order.

Please note, orders for solid colours placed upto 12 are shipped the same day and rest are shipped the next day.

If and when some designs are made to stock, you might get it much earlier like the solid colour.

Every other product in our website except muslin backdrops are always in stock and are shipped the same day if order comes before 12 or the next day if the order placed is later than 12.
All the products available in our inventory have Free Shipping enabled and will be delivered through FedEx Economy and will reach you in 5-6 Business Days.

The Extra Wide Seamless Paper Backdrops and Vinyl Backdrops are only available for Store Pickup.

Superior Seamless Paper Photography Backdrops are only available to be delivered to specific pin codes.