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If you can’t decide on which mottle technique to go for, opt for our range of reversible mottled backdrops which combine different mottling techniques into one. Adding depth and texture to your pictures has never been easier. Mottling is a special dyeing technique in which layers of paints are applied on fine quality muslin and exposed to sun to dry, creating a unique three-dimensional effect. What is even more exciting is that our reversible backdrops can be photographed from either side.

Reversible Mottles are a combination of all types of mottles which are processed with a different technique and pattern on either side. This makes the backdrop usable on both sides and offers twice the amount of possibilities for photography.

They use the same high quality fabric that Backdrops4ever is known for. The quality is premium and usability is high. The backdrops are long lasting and durable.

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