Baroque Studio Handpainted Baby Backdrop – Space Safari


• Professional Artistic Backdrop made in India
• Best for Baby & Newborn Photography
• Available in Muslin and Canvas Fabric
• 4ft wide & 5ft high
• 4” rod pocket for quick hanging
• Backdrop is Painted on Order and ships in 4-5 business days
• Note: Colours depicted may vary due to device colour calibration

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Space Safari is a Handpainted Baby Backdrop made with babies, toddlers, and newborns in mind. Photographers or parents can use this Scenic backdrop to create special photos and videos of babies in a cosmic setting. The dark blue background, surrounded by scattered planets is perfect for an adventurous setting. Photographers can capture a unique and evoke a sense of wonder and exploration. 

Parents can inspire big dreams by using a backdrop like this. They can dress their child as an astronaut, creating a beautiful memory and aspirational experience. This backdrop is all about adventure – not just for babies but also for toddlers who love dreaming big. Additionally, incorporating props like toy spaceships or astronaut costumes enhances the cosmic theme and adds to the storytelling aspect of the images. Adding a rocket to this backdrop completes the story.

This handpainted backdrop has a dark blue base with colourful planets to give you a perfect space background. Forget boring bokeh backgrounds and go for this unique theme. Each planet has a unique colour and size, adding to the charm. The blue planet is the largest and dominates the top of the background. You can use it as the perfect launching pad for creating a dreamy setting.           

Baby Backdrop Fabric Options:

This Baby Backdrop is available in two fabric options. You can choose the 165gsm muslin or the 250gsm canvas. Muslin is folded and packaged in a box. The canvas version of the backdrop comes rolled around a cardboard core. Muslin is lighter and easy to handle. It can be easily transported and easily stored also. Canvas is a thicker fabric and heavier. But it is less prone to wrinkles and absorbs paint better. It also has a longer life.

This backdrop is 4ft in width and 5ft in height.

Our dedicated artists, with their wealth of experience and talent, carefully paint each handpainted backdrop to ensure it’s unique and tailored for your photoshoots. Each backdrop is painted after you order it to ensure a fresh product. You get distinct features and rich, vivid colours. Please allow 5–6 working days for painting and drying before shipment, as our studio backgrounds are made to order.   

Best used with Background Support Systems

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Note: Colours of the products look different under different sources of light and brightness. The product images are shot with a Nikon D850 using the RiMELITE i6, with a white balance of 5600K under diffused lighting conditions. Please use the above settings to recreate the colour in the product images exactly. All images are colour corrected with the Datacolor Calibration System.

Minor variances in the design & texture are expected due to the handmade nature of the product.


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