“Without the studio, however humble the room where the imagination can enter cannot exist.”

Studiobackdrops.com is a revolutionary marketplace that provides the building block of a studio space you deserve. From a vast collection of backdrops, thru lights, modifiers, accessories and tripods to the ever-growing needs of the digital age, we bring to you, affordable studio solutions dressed in comfort and innovation.

Whether building new products from ground up or re-imagining existing ones, StudioBackdrops.com actively engages in the design and manufacturing of every product. Our signature backdrops are crafted using the best quality of Indian grown cotton while our lighting equipment is powered by German technology, every product listed here is designed with a focus on style, ease and functionality.

We don’t wait for trends, we create them. So, should you.

*Shipping is free and the products are delivered within 2 nights in most metros.