The Effects of Different Light Modifiers on Studio Lighting

 Here’s a 9-minute video from Radhakrishnan Chakyat of Pixel Village that looks at the effects that different light modifiers have on studio lighting. Chakyat tests a soft box, beauty dish, parabolic soft box, and a reflector. Chakyat first shot a portrait of his subject using a naked flash (meaning there were no modifiers used) to provide a baseline […]

An In-Depth Tutorial on the Many Uses of a White Seamless Backdrop

A white seamless background is a staple of photography and video studios. Photographer Zack Arias of DEDPXL has created a fantastic (and lengthy) two-part tutorial on the basics of the setup. Both videos run about 25 minutes in length. Part I: Gear, Space, and Exposure In this first part, Arias walks through the gear and […]