1. How to charge your wireless microphone properly?
  2. What if it doesn’t charge even after connecting the cable?
  3. What is the recording time after a full charge?

Charge your Wireless Microphone effectively

A rechargeable UHF wireless microphone system or a 2.4G one is simple to charge. But there are some things you can do to make your audio device last longer.

Turn off the wireless microphone before charging

Before you start charging your microphone, you should switch it off. It is important because the additional power supply can harm your microphone. And it can damage other musical instruments connected to the same power supply. Make sure you have pressed the power button and turned off the microphone before plugging the cable in and connecting to the power source.

Protect the Battery

Everyone wants their wireless microphone to last a long time. But it is only possible when you are careful with the usage. Before you go about plugging the microphone into any power source, find out what the suggested voltage and current are. Your battery will stay protected if you use the optimum voltage to charge your device.

The best way to charge your wireless microphone is to connect it to a charger on an active computer using a USB cable. If you are having trouble locating the USB port, refer to the manual. There is always a cover on the USB port to keep your device safe. The indicator on the microphone will light up to show you the charging status. If it’s red, it means it is charging.

Be sure to follow the power requirements in the manual to keep your battery safe.

Don’t Overcharge

Your wireless microphone is not meant to be charged continuously. Most lavalier wireless microphones take just a few hours to charge fully. So, keep an eye out. Once the indicator turns blue, green, or goes off completely, your device is fully charged. Disconnect the cable as soon as it’s done. Because overcharging will do more harm to the battery than you know.

This is probably why your device is not charging

If your wireless microphone is low on battery and not charging even when plugged into a power source, these can be the possible reasons. You can follow the below points to quickly troubleshoot your microphone.

  • Sometimes, the answer is simple – it is just not connected right. Check the cable and make sure it is snugly plugged into the charging port. The microphone will not work with the power source if it is not aligned.
  • Your power supply could be damaged. If you have an AC adapter, check it separately to make sure it is in perfect working condition.
  • There could be an issue with your wireless microphone. If there is physical damage to your device, it will likely end up as the source of your charging problem.
  • The wireless microphone receiver might not be functional. If you are using a rechargeable wireless microphone system you need to make sure the receiver is fully charged and the signal is strong.
  • There is an issue with the charging port. It needs to be replaced if it has any damage to it.

What is the recording time with one charge?

Every Synco wireless microphone is made to give you optimum performance. A single charge can power your device for a recording time of 5 to 10 hours. And some of the audio devices in this range already have an inbuilt battery. So, according to the capacity, they can give you an even longer recording time. But every Synco audio device gives you a minimum usage time of 5 hours.

The range and clarity of the signal impact the battery life. If signals are transmitted over longer periods, the battery life will be shorter. The brand, size, and battery capacity of the rechargeable wireless microphone also matter when it comes to battery life.

We hope this guide helps you understand how to utilise your wireless microphone better. Good luck recording!

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