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I moved back to India from the US just before the pandemic hit. What I missed most was the options I had in the US for accessorizing my studio. I found Studio Backdrops while I was searching for backdrops and I breathed a sigh of relief. Here was a site that had almost every kind of backdrop I needed, in various sizes, and most importantly at an affordable price! (Yes, I do believe an exclamation point was warranted there). Studio Backdrops also shipped their items on time which is a huge plus.

Mahesh Ratnam

I had personally used the reversible backdrops from Studio Backdrops, which was quite versatile in actual usage since you could have two different shades in one backdrop. The Quality of the cloth was premium and it was really helpful in creating some amazing results.

John Stephenson

It was wonderful working with your products. The products are quite budget-friendly as well as good quality and I have been referring you to my friends who are in this field.

Tashdique Mehtaj

For a long time, I have been exploring about the backdrops in many portals but keeping the pricing aside, when I look at the shipping, I mostly drop the item there. But when I happened to visit Studio backdrops website, on a first note, I was satisfied seeing the wide range of backdrops at an affordable price. Above all, the sourcing was from India. Initially, I just ordered one backdrop just to see the service, but @studiobackrops, I was totally impressed. I kept adding multiple backdrops later and each backdrop added to the beauty of my newborn photoshoots. Thank you Studio Backdrops for sourcing a wide range of backdrops in India.

Anup Srinivas Reddy

I’m a fashion photographer working in Maharashtra, India. I’m absolutely delighted with the current collections of StudioBackdrops. I have been shooting since 3-4 years now, & StudioBackdrops has been an inseparable part of my journey. It is an addictive platform for creative artists. I’m so glad that I came across StudioBackdrops and I’m an eternal customer of StudioBackdrops.

Kalyani Ambike

I wholeheartedly thank StudioBackdrops.com for approaching me with the proposal to feature my work on their platform. I literally have not enough words to express my view on how the Muslin Backdrops from StudioBackdrops.com have made my work simpler. I am actually a big fan of the Crush Dyed and Hand Painted Muslin Backdrops. These not only come in affordable prices but also with remarkably unique textures and properly handful sizes. I would like to be very specific about these muslin products. The most important feature which helps me in executing my shoots quicker is the colour which never distracts the focus from my subject but rather marks a distinguishing factor between the subject and the backdrop. The aesthetic part which has literally made me fall for these backdrops is the drama it creates in my portraits; the textures have always made it a zero job for me to cut out the portraits from the background.

Duranta Naha

My name is Susannah Louise and I am an animal rescuer living in India. Photography is a passion of mine. I like to use paper backdrops to take striking photos of stray animals that are up for adoption to try and find them loving homes. The paper gets dirty due to the animals so I need an economic paper roll where StudioBackdrops helps.

Susannah Louise

My 1st ever backdrop was from StudioBackdrops.com, it’s a brown muslin backdrop, and the 2nd one is a reversible backdrop from the same brand. I like how they are easy to set up, the length works well for my work shooting at client’s homes too, so they have come in handy during the pandemic where one might not be able to come to the studio.

Surabhi Sharma