Handpainted backgrounds are some of the first tools used by photographers to improve their photography. While photography is a lot about the skills and sight of a photographer, the right tools can indeed make good pictures great. A handpainted background is one such tool that most professional photographers swear by, even in this day of digitally manipulated photos. 

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These backgrounds add a completely different element to your photos. This quality of handpainted backgrounds makes your portraits distinctive and eye-catching. It is for such reasons that even high-profile campaign shots appearing in Vanity Fair, Vogue, etc., use these backdrops.

What are handpainted backgrounds?

It is simply a photography background created by trained artisans using their hands or brushes. They are not digitally produced, rather they are intricately carved out to cater to your specific needs. While handpainted backgrounds aid in creating good pictures, their making itself is also an art.

From selecting the fine-quality paints to deciding the colour composition. From choosing the flair of a brush to deciding on the number of layers – making a hand-painted backdrop is a creatively satisfying process.

Hence, veterans favour hand-painted backdrops over and above muslin, vinyl, paper and other such varieties. Their experience has taught them the minute detailing that handpainted backgrounds add to the frame.  

Why choose this unique style?

The preparation of handpainted backgrounds is indeed a time-taking exercise. The price slab for these backdrops is also higher than other varieties. And yet, they have the reputation of the finest, most elegant backdrops available in the market.

The time and money that goes into making these backdrops is the cost you pay for getting a masterpiece. The benefits of choosing handpainted backgrounds are never-ending. Some of them are:

  • Handpainted backgrounds are works of art 


These backdrops are delicately painted by expert artisans who have decades of experience. At Studiobackdrops.com, every single backdrop is handmade and unique. The raw materials are specially designed for holding dyes, paints, and oils for a long time. The multiple layering and textures of the paint provide the backdrop with depth and dimensionality.

Overall, the outcome is something that you can never achieve with any printed background. Handpainted backgrounds are pure pieces of art because of the time and effort that goes into making them. So for those who prioritise aesthetics above other factors, these backdrops become their favourite choice. 

  • They provide unique textures and rich colours


The best aspect of a hand-made backdrop is that each backdrop is unique in texture. The multi-layered surfaces make these backdrops vibrant. The colours used in them are more appealing and enhance the subject to the best effect. These backdrops are the key element in making movie-star or fashion photographs high-profile and super stunning.



At studiobackdrops.com, every backdrop is painted by hand. Our team of artists uses various techniques to create these backdrops. Most of these artists have decades of experience in the industry and they have been creating backdrops like this for years. Their work has been featured and lauded all over the world. Their backdrops have been used in Broadway productions and so much more.

  • Handpainted backdrops are always long-lasting


A hand-painted backdrop is painted on purpose-made canvas. This material provides the backdrop with excellent quality wear resistance. The specially designed mixing proportion in the canvas enables a strong adhesion to the oil paints too.

As a result, hand-painted backdrops turn out to be very durable. The non-deforming, leak-preventive, and oil-adhesive qualities of the canvas make them long-lasting. They also have anti-mildew and anti-cracking properties for increasing their lifespan. 

  • There is a wide variety to choose from


Hand-painted backdrops offer you a plethora of options to choose from. For instance, at studiobackdrops.com, you find plenty of great options like Airbrushed, Brushwork, Old Master, Textured and Scenic backdrops.


Every backdrop is available in two varieties, 165GSM premium quality Indian cotton fabric and 250gsm canvas fabric. Both have high absorption quality without producing any reflection glare. They also come with 4” rod pockets for quick hanging. The canvas backdrops are core wound and they can be easily put onto a backdrop stand. 

Moreover, you cannot take your eyes off our Scenic backdrops where our artisans display their utmost finesse. With these backdrops, you are simply free from the hassles of creating a set from scratch.

This diverse range of handpainted backgrounds goes well with pretty much anything.  From domains like maternity, glamour, fashion, and product to even jewellery photography, you can always pick a suitable backdrop from the hand-painted category. And the result will never disappoint you! 

At studiobackdrops.com, you find a sophisticated line of handpainted backgrounds that makes your photography stand out from the ordinary. Our artists, who have been featured and lauded all over the world, work relentlessly to provide the best backdrops that you can avail in the market today. Therefore, grab the opportunity to add new vistas to your photography style, with handpainted backgrounds 

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