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Things you need to know about Twistflex Backdrops

Gone are the days when photographers had to break their backs carrying multiple bulky backdrops while traveling. Today, we have Twistflex Backdrops as a one-stop solution for lightweight, easy portability, and wide varieties. This backdrop pops up in a matter of seconds, letting you have a portable studio, virtually anywhere you go. No wonder photographers worldwide have Twistflex backdrops on top of their ‘must-have’ list.

What are Twistflex Backdrops?

Twistflex backdrops are the handiest option for photography. You can perfectly fold them into compact circles which in turn go into their complementary zipper case. The material used for Twistflex can be of many types. It can be canvas, muslin, or polyester. Our current range of Twistflex backdrops are made of 165gsm fabric. And have a premium light absorption quality which produces classic reflection-free portraits. However, the biggest attraction point of Twistflex backdrops is the myriad of designs available here. Given its double-sided nature, you can already double your options for creativity!

When can you use a Twistflex?

Twistflex Backdrops have revolutionized the world of photography. With these versatile and affordable backdrops, top-notch photoshoots are no more just confined to a few elite studios.

If you have a small studio space that may not have enough room for a full backdrop setup, Twistflex backdrops are the way to go. They come as collapsible discs, so setting them up is super easy. Also, their steel frame ensures that they remain steady even without a stand, further addressing the space crunch. However, you can always opt for a size-adjustable stand for extra stability and better angles. Twistflex can also be supremely useful for a Home Studio setup. Digital content developers, social media entrepreneurs, and even video game players can have these amazing backgrounds, well within their homes.

But, if you are someone who travels a lot for work then Twistflex Backdrops are the most essential arsenal you must possess. You might come across locations where the natural backdrop is not fitting or you might have to shoot in small pieces here and there. And the terrain can also be challenging for setting up a full-fledged backdrop. Then Twistflex backdrops are going to be your savior. You can very conveniently set them up without any extra gear. It is equally easy to wrap them up to move to the next shoot.

Twistflex Backdrops are mostly preferred for taking headshot portraits. But the wide varieties of dimensions provided by us, going up to 6 feet by 7 feet can give you 3/4th coverage as well. It is also ideal for standing video photography outdoors. Vloggers particularly use them as gateways to create exciting backgrounds.

How to use Twistflex Backdrops?

Twistflex backdrops can fold down to 1/3rd of their original size in a collapsible backdrop kit. Although this process of opening and folding the backdrop is no rocket science, a few points can improve the lifespan of your backdrops.

Your backdrop pops open the moment you take it out of the kit. This can be mounted vertically or horizontally from a stand, hook or can simply be fixed to furniture with clamps. If you are getting a stand for Twistflex backdrops, it is already equipped with a tight clip on the top.

Clearly, setting up the backdrop is an easy task. However, the folding part can get a little tricky. For this, you need to hold the backdrop in front of you with your hands on each side and fold it inwards, making a V shape. Further closing the V gap, make the two ends of the backdrop meet. Then, while holding the backdrop still,  allow the bottom to come in towards you. Finally, keeping your hands on the top of the backdrop, follow the collapsing action downward. You can then store it in its complementary bag. Try to fold the backdrop on different sides after each use for avoiding any permanent stretch on the frame.

Benefits of using Twistflex Backdrops:

Many times, photographers reach a creativity blockage and try to explore avenues to expand their photography skills and style. There can be no better tool to experiment with than Twistflex backdrops. There are multiple reasons behind this

Reversible Feature

Twistflex offers to choose from multiple combinations of double-sided backdrops. The multiple varieties offered due to this reversible nature give Twistflex backdrops a high advantage. In fact, these varieties in turn have many sub-varieties based on solid colors, printed backgrounds, and painted options. Therefore, most photographers carry multiple such discs with them for exploring a wide variety of options.

Storing and Transporting

As discussed earlier, the light-weight and collapsible feature of Twistflex Backdrops enhance portability and comfort multiple times. The complementary zipper case further increases safe storage and transportation. This makes it extremely travel-friendly.

Bonus Green Screen and Reflector

The best quality of the Twistflex backdrop is that it can also be used as a reflector. Particularly, the Black and White Twistflex offered by us is especially preferred for this. Similarly, the Chromakey Blue and Green Twistflex backdrop can be used as a green screen. Having such a screen in your gear can make post-production effects very simple and easy too.

Hence, if you wish to refine your photography skills and push the limits of your creativity Twistflex backdrops can surely be a very versatile, very trustworthy companion.

Ideal for Vlogging and Headshots

With these backdrops, it’s very convenient to creatively control the lighting, composition, and editing of headshot photography. Even if you are a gamer at a desk and wish to experiment with your background with exciting effects, Twistflex can be a very easy option.

Easy to Clean

Given collapsible backdrops fold up, they can get wrinkled easily. However, when they are open and stretched taut, these wrinkles are barely visible. You can easily get rid of these wrinkles with a steam iron.

Let’s Talk Food Photography Backdrops

Behind every mouth-watering food photo that you see is a carefully chosen food photography backdrop. They make your food look bold and your presentation more confident. In fact, these backdrops set the very stage where your recipe can narrate its story.

No wonder, from professional food stylists to amateur food bloggers, everyone is shifting to the creative world of food photography backdrops. These backdrops have almost become a necessity for creating a successful food portrait.

Well, when you have the option to breathe in some life to your food, why present it bland!

What are food photography backdrops?

Food photography backdrops are simply the surface or background on which your food sits. They are an artistic addition to your photo that enhance its quality and appeal. These backdrops make your food look more appetizing and your frame more professional.

Food photography backdrops can be used to create stunning food portraits in several ways. It forms the base on which your food is placed. Hence, you can effectively use them to highlight the hero of the frame- your food item.

You can experiment with a wide range of colours, textures, and materials of food photography backdrops. They will keep the creativity ratio of your food photograph always up. These backdrops accessorize your photo and complement any props you want to add along with your food. With these backdrops, you can create your own mini-studio at home. Even in your travels, they can be your anytime-anywhere studio.

In short, professionals have designed these backdrops with utmost care so that you look pro in your food photography.

What are the different types of food photography backdrops?

There are several types of food photography backdrops in the market. They mainly differ on the basis of their material.

Some major varieties of materials used for food photography backdrops are discussed below.

Cloth Backdrops

Cloth backdrops are a very popular option when it comes to any kind of photography. They are very inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colors too. They are also quite easy to store and transport. However, straightening the wrinkles of these backdrops can be a tough task. Also, they can easily get ruined by food or liquid. While you’re shooting food, there is bound to be some spillage or splashing. And these backdrops cannot handle it!

Printed Vinyl

This variant of food photography backdrops are water-proof and come in various colors and sizes. Basically, they use the same technology which is used for printing banners and they are not completely matte.

The downside is that printed vinyl is not suitable for close-up shots. Their reflective quality can hamper the beauty of your setup. It can also end up clashing with your lighting, making the food look unappetizing. Their resolution is also not very rich, resulting in poor quality outcomes.

MDF Boards

These backdrops are cut out from cardboards. So they offer a variety of shapes and usage options. For instance, they can be both free-standing as well as foldable around surfaces. However, the quality of backdrops in terms of color resolution can be poor if the cardboard variety is not good. They are difficult to store and transport as well.

Wooden Board

Wood is one of the most popular materials amongst food photography backdrops. They give a nice texture to the frame and add a natural touch to the image. But their con is that they are very expensive. Also, given their weight and size, they are not very portable as well. And when it comes to spills, wood can easily get stained despite the coating of paint on top of it.

We, at, carefully studied these problems and brought a one-stop solution for food photography backdrops – Canvas. We curated an amazing range of canvas backdrops specially designed for the purpose of food photography.

Image by Yashaswita

What makes our food photography backdrops better?

With an aim to create a food photography backdrop that addresses cost, quality as well as convenience, we created canvas backdrops. These backdrops are better than any other variety available in the market today. We wanted to provide a solution to the problems created by different materials.

We experimented with various materials and paints, to get a final result that trumps any other backdrop in quality and finish.

Ease of Use

Our food photography backdrops are made up of 300gsm canvas, making them easy to use, carry and set up. Once you start using our canvas backdrops, there is no going back to the hectic handling of other varieties.

Painted by hand

Our backdrops are painted by hand which gives them a uniquely human touch. The intricate patterns and textures designed by our artists are unmatched. These beautiful backdrops can help your photography stand out as absolutely premium as you can see in this image.

Image by Richa


They are completely spill proof and no matter what you put on the backdrop they can be easily cleaned. This is only possible due to the premium coating of the paint. Other canvas backdrops lack this and you cannot have this level of confidence in any other material.

Premium Quality

We use industry standard paints and the best of raw materials to create our backdrops. Each backdrop is handpainted by our artisans, who have decades of experience in the industry. This makes their colour very vibrant and the quality of the food photograph very rich. Check this image out

Highly Durable

Made from carefully chosen canvas material, our backdrops are made to last. The canvas when coated in paint becomes extra durable. In fact, they can be reused over and over and yet they’ll maintain their quality.

This is why our canvas food photography backdrops can be that game-changer in your food photography career. The same goes for the household cooks or professional chefs who want to show their food art to the world.

Image by Sumeet Kaur

Choose a Backdrop that is Better

With hundreds of food photography and videography pages over the internet, carving out your space can be tough. At, we try to ease this difficult journey with our unique and highly artistic canvas backdrops.

Our backdrops help improve your food photography. They add rich colours and textures that help elevate the food. This simply means if you use them, you are instantly setting your work apart from your peers. So give a bright foundation to your food as well as your food photography career with our stunning canvas food backdrops. Launches New Muslin Backdrops On Holi

We are celebrating this Holi with a big splash and launching a whole new range of Muslin Backdrops. The festival of colours is always special to us and this time we wanted to make it bigger than ever by adding a whole range of new colours and designs to our extensive catalogue of muslin backdrops.

What’s different than before? A lot! We have gone through your most loved designs, taken inspiration from our bestsellers, and played with all the popular colours to create this range.

Backdrops4ever Marigold shot by Manish Linga

Five New Reversible Muslin Backdrops!

One of our specialty products, Reversible Backdrops have been a favourite of our users ever since we introduced them on our website. Every reversible backdrop has two distinct designs on each side, giving you two backdrops in one. We ensure that each side is dyed separately and each side is opaque, and it gives you the perfect separation between two backdrops.

As reversible backdrops give you more bang for your buck, they are one of our most popular muslin backdrops. And this time, we have incorporated some of your favourite Mottled muslin designs into our new Reversible Backdrops. Walnut Reversible is a combination of Walnut Alcove and Hearth Brown, two of our most loved Crush dyed backdrops. Raven Reversible is a combination of Outer Space Crush dyed and Carbonite Washed muslin backdrops. Other new additions are Gunmetal, Flame Orange, and Black Orchid.

StudioFolks Flame Orange (L), StudioFolks Walnut (R)

Crush Dyed Muslin Backdrops Are Everybody’s Favourite

Crush dyed muslin backdrops are not only the most popular backdrops on our website, they are backdrops most frequently used by photographers and content creators. In this launch, we have adapted some of the most popular colours of paper backdrops and turned them into beautiful crush dyed backdrops. Tan crush dyed is a brand new addition that is a twist on Savage Beige, and Superior Wheat. Charcoal is a warm grey crush dyed muslin backdrop as an addition to our extensive collection of grey backdrops. After all, grey will always be popular with photographers.

More new additions to the backdrops are Red Clay, Khaki, and Oakwood – three variations of brown crush dyed muslin backdrops. They give you more options to play around with. And the most unique addition of all is Cactus – a design that is colourful and playful, a perfect embodiment of the spirit of Holi.

StudioFolks Cactus (L), StudioFolks Tan (R)

An Explosion of Colours in Washed Mottled Backdrops

Washed Mottled backdrops give you the perfect amount of texture with a beautiful rendition of colour. Inspired by Carbonite washed mottled, we have introduced an even darker version of this backdrop as Carbon Black. If you’re looking for a black backdrop and want some texture, this is the backdrop for you.

Also part of the launch are some gorgeous colours never seen before. Sakura is inspired by Savage Coral and Superior Carnation Pink, and it is a beautiful pink shade with a gorgeous texture. Orchid is a play on the Superior Scarlet and is a perfect play on the bright and bold colour.

We also have Dahlia, Limelight, and Seaweed – three beautiful colours that give you endless opportunities to create awesome content with!

ColourBLasters Limelight (L), ColourBlasters Orchid (R)

More Designs in the Solid Mottled and Handpainted Mottled Category

This time, we have done a lot of research about what’s popular, what are the colours and designs that people favour the most, what backdrops work best for all kinds of photography as we have created this new range.

Chrome, Magma and Ash Grey are the new additions to the Handpainted Mottled Collection. These are bold and vibrant colours with designs that are meant to add a beautiful depth to your images.

Pearl, Marigold, and Tulip are new additions to the Solid Mottled Collection. These are bright, beautiful colours that make them perfect for all kinds of content creators. From fashion videos to portrait photography, these colours will fit with everything you are planning!

Backdrops4ever Magma (L), Backdrops4ever Tulip (R)

We know you have been waiting for these – Airbrushed Backdrops

When it comes to premium fabric backdrops, there is no one who does it better than us. So we had to introduce more designs of our most popular Airbrushed backdrop – the BackdropsBazaar Copper Airbrushed Photography Backdrop!

Backdrops4ever Mauve (L), Backdrops4ever Mars (R)

The Mars Airbrushed backdrop and Mauve Airbrushed backdrop that we are launching in this series are beautiful adaptations of our most popular airbrushed backdrop. They have the most vibrant colours that will make everything you shoot pop instantly.

And that’s all for our new designs of Muslin backdrops. We hope you love these gorgeous colours and play with them this Holi.

Happy Holi from Team Studiobackdrops.

Wrinkle Resistant Backdrops – A New Addition

For the first time ever, we bring you wrinkle resistant backdrops, a brand new product that makes the process of setting up much easier than before. We have created these backdrops after months of research, going back and forth with our manufacturers to ensure that we are making a backdrop that is better than before. This ended with us creating a completely new fabric that is perfectly suited to use as a backdrop. We have also used a new dyeing technique to ensure that the fabric stays as wrinkle resistant as possible. It is a backdrop that has never been seen before.

Lekera Backdrops (made from a polyester and elastane blend) have been gaining popularity in the market over the last few years thanks to their cheap price and ability to resist wrinkles. This claim attracts a lot of photographers who are looking for an affordable fabric backdrop that doesn’t need special handling. However, these backdrops are often stitched together, absolutely transparent and come apart after a few uses. The massive amount of negative comments on these products on Amazon suggests that people are looking for something better. That’s where we come in as we have taken all of that into account and created our new backdrops which solve all of the above problems.

A Superior Quality Wrinkle Resistant Backdrop

Our wrinkle resistant backdrops are made of heavy-duty polyester. The fabric is 185gsm, ensuring that you get a backdrop with enough thickness. Unlike most cheap lekera(lycra) backdrops, it is not see-through and provides a perfect backdrop to create all kinds of content. The fabric is very light absorbent, making it great for shooting with all kinds of studio lights. It is also extremely non-reflective, aiding in shooting both images and videos.

The wrinkle resistant backdrops are completely seamless and you can use them to create all kinds of sets. They are available in 8 different sizes and you can pick whichever suits your needs the best. The sizes are 5ft by 7ft, 6ft by 8ft, 8ft by 10ft, 10ft by 10ft, 10ft by 12ft, 10ft by 16ft, 10ft by 20ft and 10ft by 24ft.

They are currently present in six different colours but we are already working on some new colours. You can find the basic colours of White, Black, and Chroma Green. Along with Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Blue too.

The Benefits of Using Wrinkle Resistant Backdrops

There are several benefits of using our new wrinkle resistant backdrops. The very first benefit is in their name, of course. Their wrinkle resistant nature makes them the perfect candidate for shooting all kinds of content. But these fabric backdrops are especially beneficial to photographers and content creators working out of a small studio space. As they are very lightweight compared to bulky rolls, they are very easy to handle and set up.

If you are a part-time or an amateur photographer, then you must invest in a wrinkle resistant backdrop. It is a very easy to use the backdrop and it is worth the money you invest in it as it can last you for a very long time. They are also very lightweight and can be easily carried to any location.

The polyester material of the backdrop is what makes them wrinkle resistant and very easy to use. Most professional photographers prefer these backdrops as they do not require steaming to be used or special handling and storage to prevent wrinkles. In fact, you can store the backdrops any way you want and they will still remain perfectly wrinkle free.

If you are working alone and don’t have a team to assist you, it is perfect for you. It is a backdrop that is made to be handled without any assistance.

Wrinkle Resistant Backdrops are perfect for Shooting Video Content

The unique quality of our polyester backdrops is what makes them perfect for creating video content. They are seamless and smooth, giving you a great background to work with. It is not only easy to set up, but also very easy to shoot with. You can easily set them up in your studio, your home, or in any location by hanging them on the backdrop stand. We provide a 4” rod pocket so you can easily hang the backdrop anywhere you need.

Since the backdrop absorbs light rather than reflects it, it ensures glare-free shots. And it is this quality that makes it an awesome backdrop to shoot video content with. The fabric backdrop can be set up anywhere, even in the most confined spaces to give you a great, seamless background. Whether you need to shoot content while sitting at your desk or shoot full-length content in your studio – this is a backdrop that comes in handy in all situations.

Its highly wrinkle resistant nature ensures that the background is always smooth. It gives you the same effect as a paper backdrop, at a fraction of its cost. It is also great for using as a green screen for chroma-keying. The polyester fabric can be fitted into whatever shape you need for the green screen. And you can easily edit this backdrop as it provides much less of a challenge than other green screens. It is very easily replaced in post-processing due to its smooth and seamless nature.

How to create the ideal Home Studio?

How to create the ideal home studio

At, we are constantly taking feedback from you to improve our products. We work with a wide array of professional and amateur photographers and try to solve their issues and everyday challenges. One question that is frequently asked is – how to create the perfect home studio?

Photography equipment is a long-term investment that might not explain itself when you are trying to make a purchase. We have consulted several professional photographers who have been working with our products to answer this question.

We want to go step by step and guide you with products that will make sure your home studio fits your needs.

1. Backdrops

Let’s start building our home studio with the most important product – the backdrop. Self-portraits, video, product shoots, food blogs – every kind of creative shoot needs a backdrop that enhances the subject.

At, there are 3 main categories of backdrops you can choose from. Paper backdrops, Muslin backdrops, and Hand-painted Canvas backdrops. To know which backdrop will suit your personal and professional needs better read here.

Any backdrop you pick can be easily stored and put away for later use. The muslin can be folded and stored in a dust-free area. The paper and canvas backdrops can be rolled up tightly and kept upright if needed.

Tip: To remove wrinkles before or after usage you can use a simple steam iron.

2. Backdrop Stand

A backdrop stand might not be a justified purchase at first glance. But it is good for preserving your backdrops. It also makes the process of shooting photos/videos much easier. In a home studio, you would need a backdrop stand that can be broken down and put away for later use.

The AriesX backdrop stand is made of two tripods and an extension rod. It comes in an easy-to-carry bag that also doubles up as a storage bag. The tripod can be folded to reduce the amount of space it takes. The extension rod can be separated into 3 or 4 parts.

This stand reduces the time and pressure that builds up when you are creating a setup. Once the stand is in place, you can put the backdrop up and create the rest of your set around it.

3. Light Setup

While natural sunlight may seem the best option for clicking images, it is not easy to control. It also requires a lot of modifying and editing later. One of the main benefits of a home studio setup is that you can easily modify the light while you are creating your setup.

To make sure your product is evenly lit you usually need two sources of light – a main and fill (or background and a foreground light). We would recommend the AriesX Quark 400 3 Light Kit or the Muon 600 2 Light Kit.

The AriesX Quark is meant for beginners as it is easy to use, has intuitive programming, and is smaller in size. It is the better option if you are learning about lighting on the go.

The AriesX Muon 600 Light is best suited if you want a workhorse. It delivers the precise power output every single time you click the flash and delivers it for long periods of time.

The difference between the two kits is very small. They come in easy-to-carry travel cases. Both can be stored away very easily in almirahs or lofts.

4. Tripod

One of the biggest problems of creating professional-level photos/videos is the stability of your image. You might need to create a time-lapse or change things around in your set frequently to get the desired result on camera.

However, if you don’t have someone to assist you or to hold the camera in the right place, then a tripod is necessary for a home studio setup. When your frame is stable you can easily make the minor improvements you need to your subject.

Our AriesX Heavy Duty Tripod and AriesX Professional Tripod work with a wide array of cameras and mobiles. (Mobile holder sold separately) It ensures that the quality and consistency of your image are constant.

These are some of the very basic products that will help you achieve the ideal home studio. Each of these products come with their own added benefits. They are easy to work with and will last you for a long time if you do some regular upkeep.

We hope this comprehensive guide will help you make a better choice when it comes to picking the right product. For any more queries, please contact us.

Seamless Paper Backdrops: Which Brand should you go for?

Seamless Paper Backdrops are one of the most popular kinds of photography backdrops in use today. Their ease of use and availability of colors makes them popular with all photographers.

They’re easy to set up, reliable and efficient. It helps you get an infinite background with the least amount of effort.

Here are a few things to consider while deciding which Seamless Paper Backdrop to buy:

1. Thickness

The thickness of the paper is measured in gsm or gram per square meter. This is a factor to be considered when factoring in how durable a seamless paper backdrop is, however after decades of use and research 145gsm has been widely accepted as the point of diminishing return.

Heavier than 145gsm the paper becomes difficult to roll, set up, and work with. The perfect tolerance range for big rolls is considered to be between 120-150gsm.

Both Superior Seamless and Savage seamless paper backdrop rolls are available in 145gsm whereas TruLite seamless paper backdrop rolls are available in 125gsm. Most people can’t tell the difference between them, even by touch. The lesser thickness of the Trulite seamless paper backdrops enables them to be made available at a lower cost to the end-users.

2. Paper Length

The biggest benefit to seamless paper backdrops is that they are sold in the form of rolls. This enables you to unroll and use as little or as much as you need. This also makes them perfect to be used for designing sets, for events, and for all photography sessions.

Savage and Superior Seamless Backdrop Rolls are all available in the standard length of 36ft or 11m. Trulite became a pioneer and started providing different paper lengths, leaving the decision to the end-user.

Trulite Seamless Papers are available in 18ft and 32ft variations.

3. Roll Width

Seamless Paper rolls are usually available in 4 sizes:- 4.5ft, 7ft, 9ft, and 12ft.

However, most manufacturers and sellers are capable of cutting the rolls to a width more suited to specific use cases. This gives seamless paper backdrop rolls even more versatility.

What Backdrop to choose? Paper or Muslin?

Great Backdrops Make your Images Shine

Photographers always tend to see beyond the model when studying images that they like. One thing that always catches their interest is the background of the image. A good backdrop choice must always compliment both the model and the garments. However, the intent of the photographer is always to pick a backdrop that doesn’t stand out to a layman noticing the image.

Depending on the type of photography, whether it is a portrait session, product shoot, or a reel video, different types of backdrops are suited to each. There are two main types of backdrops normally used by photographers, Muslin Backdrops and Seamless Paper Backdrops. Both these types of backdrops have existed for decades and are immensely popular.

Muslin vs. Seamless Paper Backdrops

We stock 3 different brands of Seamless Paper Backdrops, Superior Seamless, Savage, and Trulite. All 3 of them are Made in the USA and are made to be really easy to use and give you consistently good results.

Both Superior Seamless and Savage Seamless Paper Backdrops have a thickness of 145 gsm and are available in 3 different sizes:- 4.5ft x 36ft, 7ft x 36ft, and 9ft x 36.

Trulite Seamless Paper Backdrops have a thickness of 125 gsm but most people can’t even tell the difference between 145gsm and 125gsm. Trulite Seamless Paper Backdrops are available in 4 different sizes:- 4.5ft x 18ft, 7ft x 18ft, 9ft x 18ft & 9ft x 32ft.

We stock over 120 different colors in Seamless Paper Rolls so that you can choose the color that you like and best fits your images. Seamless Paper Rolls are a product all studio photographers swear by, 4.5ft rolls are perfect for on-location portraits, and 7ft rolls are perfect car-sized backdrops.

Muslin Backdrops are made from premium 100% cotton and are dyed to make single color backdrops or textured muslin backdrops. Single Color Muslin backdrops are available in 3 different thicknesses of cotton and 1 wrinkle-resistant variety made from a cotton-poly blend. The 3 thicknesses are 165gsm(Solid), 190gsm(Deluxe), and 210gsm(Canvas). The Textured Muslin Backdrops are created by dyeing and processing them by different techniques. The main types of textured muslin backdrops are Handpainted Mottled, Crush Dyed Mottled, 3D Mottled, Washed Mottled, Solid Mottled, and Reversible Mottled.

Advantages of Muslin Backdrops

Both types of backdrops have a variety of advantages over each other. The primary advantage with muslin backdrops is that they are extremely portable and are hence perfect for on-location shoots and carrying around for those spur-of-the-moment portrait ideas. Muslin backdrops are also very rugged and take a whole lot of abuse before becoming unfit for use. While we don’t recommend washing these backdrops, you can easily spot clean dirt with a sponge and neutral non-abrasive detergent.

Due to the nature of the cotton fabric, it develops natural wrinkles. While a lot of photographers prefer shooting muslin backdrops with these wrinkles as it adds depth to the image, you can easily get rid of them with a steam iron. Alternatively, you can hang them overnight and spray some water on the wrinkles and gravity does the rest. All of our backdrops are made to strict international quality standards and with some tender love and care, they can almost last a lifetime.

Advantages of Paper Backdrops

Seamless paper isn’t as portable as muslin backdrops due to the size of the rolls and the need for a stand, but seamless is the backdrop most photographers use when shooting high-key lighting. The clean, smooth look that seamless paper provides makes it easy to white out a background for that immaculate appearance that is currently all the rage in advertising imagery.

Some clients want a crisp photo background in their commercial portraiture; for this look, seamless paper is the way to go. There’s no need to iron wrinkles as with muslin. When seamless paper gets dirty or creased, you simply tear off the soiled portion and unroll more for a perfectly clean background. If a particular color is needed beyond the basics, Savage’s Widetone paper comes in dozens of shades from Tulip pink to Sky Blue, making seamless a great choice for achieving an exact color. It really just depends on what you’re shooting. Both muslin and seamless paper have their strengths and weaknesses, but either will give great results when used properly. I enjoy using both in order to have the utmost versatility.

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