Behind every mouth-watering food photo that you see is a carefully chosen food photography backdrop. They make your food look bold and your presentation more confident. In fact, these backdrops set the very stage where your recipe can narrate its story.

No wonder, from professional food stylists to amateur food bloggers, everyone is shifting to the creative world of food photography backdrops. These backdrops have almost become a necessity for creating a successful food portrait.

Well, when you have the option to breathe in some life to your food, why present it bland!

What are food photography backdrops?

Food photography backdrops are simply the surface or background on which your food sits. They are an artistic addition to your photo that enhance its quality and appeal. These backdrops make your food look more appetizing and your frame more professional.

Food photography backdrops can be used to create stunning food portraits in several ways. It forms the base on which your food is placed. Hence, you can effectively use them to highlight the hero of the frame- your food item.

You can experiment with a wide range of colours, textures, and materials of food photography backdrops. They will keep the creativity ratio of your food photograph always up. These backdrops accessorize your photo and complement any props you want to add along with your food. With these backdrops, you can create your own mini-studio at home. Even in your travels, they can be your anytime-anywhere studio.

In short, professionals have designed these backdrops with utmost care so that you look pro in your food photography.

What are the different types of food photography backdrops?

There are several types of food photography backdrops in the market. They mainly differ on the basis of their material.

Some major varieties of materials used for food photography backdrops are discussed below.

Cloth Backdrops

Cloth backdrops are a very popular option when it comes to any kind of photography. They are very inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colors too. They are also quite easy to store and transport. However, straightening the wrinkles of these backdrops can be a tough task. Also, they can easily get ruined by food or liquid. While you’re shooting food, there is bound to be some spillage or splashing. And these backdrops cannot handle it!

Printed Vinyl

This variant of food photography backdrops are water-proof and come in various colors and sizes. Basically, they use the same technology which is used for printing banners and they are not completely matte.

The downside is that printed vinyl is not suitable for close-up shots. Their reflective quality can hamper the beauty of your setup. It can also end up clashing with your lighting, making the food look unappetizing. Their resolution is also not very rich, resulting in poor quality outcomes.

MDF Boards

These backdrops are cut out from cardboards. So they offer a variety of shapes and usage options. For instance, they can be both free-standing as well as foldable around surfaces. However, the quality of backdrops in terms of color resolution can be poor if the cardboard variety is not good. They are difficult to store and transport as well.

Wooden Board

Wood is one of the most popular materials amongst food photography backdrops. They give a nice texture to the frame and add a natural touch to the image. But their con is that they are very expensive. Also, given their weight and size, they are not very portable as well. And when it comes to spills, wood can easily get stained despite the coating of paint on top of it.

We, at, carefully studied these problems and brought a one-stop solution for food photography backdrops – Canvas. We curated an amazing range of canvas backdrops specially designed for the purpose of food photography.

Image by Yashaswita

What makes our food photography backdrops better?

With an aim to create a food photography backdrop that addresses cost, quality as well as convenience, we created canvas backdrops. These backdrops are better than any other variety available in the market today. We wanted to provide a solution to the problems created by different materials.

We experimented with various materials and paints, to get a final result that trumps any other backdrop in quality and finish.

Ease of Use

Our food photography backdrops are made up of 300gsm canvas, making them easy to use, carry and set up. Once you start using our canvas backdrops, there is no going back to the hectic handling of other varieties.

Painted by hand

Our backdrops are painted by hand which gives them a uniquely human touch. The intricate patterns and textures designed by our artists are unmatched. These beautiful backdrops can help your photography stand out as absolutely premium as you can see in this image.

Image by Richa


They are completely spill proof and no matter what you put on the backdrop they can be easily cleaned. This is only possible due to the premium coating of the paint. Other canvas backdrops lack this and you cannot have this level of confidence in any other material.

Premium Quality

We use industry standard paints and the best of raw materials to create our backdrops. Each backdrop is handpainted by our artisans, who have decades of experience in the industry. This makes their colour very vibrant and the quality of the food photograph very rich. Check this image out

Highly Durable

Made from carefully chosen canvas material, our backdrops are made to last. The canvas when coated in paint becomes extra durable. In fact, they can be reused over and over and yet they’ll maintain their quality.

This is why our canvas food photography backdrops can be that game-changer in your food photography career. The same goes for the household cooks or professional chefs who want to show their food art to the world.

Image by Sumeet Kaur

Choose a Backdrop that is Better

With hundreds of food photography and videography pages over the internet, carving out your space can be tough. At, we try to ease this difficult journey with our unique and highly artistic canvas backdrops.

Our backdrops help improve your food photography. They add rich colours and textures that help elevate the food. This simply means if you use them, you are instantly setting your work apart from your peers. So give a bright foundation to your food as well as your food photography career with our stunning canvas food backdrops.

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