The photo of a product is what creates the appeal for the product and inspires the customer to purchase. And to get the perfect product photo, you need perfect product photography backdrops too. This is why product photography in itself, has taken the centre stage in marketing today. Every product needs that perfect picture that makes consumers fall in love with it. 

Product photography refers to a strategic photoshoot with the goal of increasing sales. It is way more than just clicking pretty pictures. Product photography requires proper planning to capture a photo, that not only increases the sales appeal but also reflects the image of the brand. It needs to show the product in a flawless light while highlighting its most attractive angles. 

When it comes to telling the story of a product or a brand, one thing is essential – product photography backdrops. You need the right backdrop to make sure the product is the centre of the image and yet, it should not be so boring that the viewer pays no attention.

What are product photography backdrops? 

Product photography backdrops are artistic backgrounds that enhance the quality and appeal of your product photo. They highlight your product by giving depth, texture, and finesse to the image. They make your product look more professional and your overall online profile more reliable. 

Product photography backdrops come in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and materials. These varieties of options allow you to experiment with different reflections that the same product can create on the buyer’s mind.

At, we offer you the widest range of product photography backdrops. From food photography to jewellery backdrops, to skincare products, you name it and we can provide a niche backdrop for your item. 

With these backdrops, you not just increase your online sales and popularity but also build a statement brand image for yourself. 

Browsing materials for product photography

Product photography backdrops can be of several types. While colours and patterns are essential features, experts consider the material of the backdrop as the first and foremost priority. 

There are different kinds of materials for product photography backdrops. Paper, Muslin, Vinyl, and Canvas are some of the popular options.

Paper backdrops 

Paper backdrops give you a smooth and even background that does not interrupt the product. They come in seamless paper rolls in a huge variety of colours. You can use the paper roll with a backdrop stand or just cut out as much as you need and paste it behind the product. However, if handled incorrectly, paper backdrops can also form wrinkles. It is also difficult to clean the paper backdrop once you step on them or something gets spilt on it. It is easier to cut away the paper you have used and unroll some more for your next setup.

Vinyl backdrops

Vinyl backdrops are very easy to clean and very long-lasting. These backdrops are waterproof which adds to their durability. Usually, vinyl backdrops don’t give you the matte finish you need but our range of vinyl is completely matte. Another point that makes them very convenient is that they are wrinkle-free. so when it comes to product photography backdrops they seem like the easiest choice. But they can be very expensive in comparison to other options. 

Canvas Backdrops

Canvas backdrops are the preferred option by most photographers when it comes to product photography. Our range of canvas backdrops have a rich texture, and unique colour composition, and are made of premium quality materials. The reason most product photographers opt for canvas is the kind of depth and texture they add to the images. This cannot be achieved by any other material. Moreover, our canvas backdrops are all handpainted with the most premium materials. They are very durable and super easy to set up and use. And the best part is – they are spillproof!

How to figure out the right material for your shoot?

In an increasingly competitive online market, good photos of your product are the first point of attraction for your customers. It is very important that your product photography is targeting the right audience. 

For this, choosing the right material for a photography backdrop is very important. The right material depends on two crucial factors:

  • The product for which you are shooting 
  • Your vision for the product and brand

The product for which you are shooting is what determines the material you should go for. Paper backdrops can work for e-commerce materials like jewellery, bags, cosmetics etc. But for food items, paper backdrops are the wrong choice. Moreover, the item can get spilt on the backdrop and ruin it. For this, water-proof backdrops such as canvas and vinyl are considered better options. 

Secondly, the material of the backdrop also depends on your vision of the product. The colour scheme of the backdrop can immensely help in setting the mood that you envision for your product. With its classy texture and variety of colour options, canvas backdrops are the right choice for most products. 

Why Canvas is the best for product photography? 

Our experts at, after carefully studying the demands of product photography, have come to the conclusion that canvas backdrops are the best for product photoshoots. 

Quality – These backdrops are made up of 300 gsm canvas which makes them very easy to set up and use. The quality of the material is premium, ensuring a highly professional and finished look. The nature of canvas is such that it blends in the background effortlessly while highlighting the main subject of the frame.

DurabilityCanvas backdrops are very durable as they are made of 300gsm canvas and coated in fine-art paints. The layers of paint coating the backdrop gives them extra thickness. They can last you for years with just a little bit of tender, loving care.

VarietyCanvas offers an amazing range of rich colours and textures. Photographers love such vibrant options for product photoshoots. Apart from colours, canvas also offers a wide range of textures and patterns too. Every backdrop is handpainted, giving you the edge in terms of uniqueness.

Portability– Canvas is considered a good investment because you can use them anytime anywhere. They are extremely travel-friendly, so you can easily carry them to different shooting locations. These backdrops can be rolled and safely stored in their case and you are good to go! 

Hence, canvas backdrops are the key to creating a high-profile product photograph. They not only improve the quality of photography but also save a lot of time and resources that go into post-photography processing. 

And in the post-pandemic era, when a large number of customers have shifted to online shopping, you cannot compromise with product photography. Canvas backdrops ensure that your product photograph stands out in the competitive e-commerce biz. These backdrops can assist you in not only raising your sales but also in carving out a signature brand image on Amazon, eBay, etc.  

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