There has never been a more competitive time in the field of photography than now. There are so many platforms for photographers and so much content out there, that it is nearly impossible to stand out. However, if you want your photography to stand out in this rat race, let us tell you that canvas backdrops are the answer to all your problems.

Creating still life with professional finesse is what canvas backdrops are famous for. If you want to shift your photography hobby into a commercial venture? Or are you someone who feels that your photography skills are stagnating and need some upgrade?  Or do you wish to expand your photography business into new domains like food photography, baby photography, and so on? In short, they are a one-stop solution to all your photography needs.

Canvas backdrops will address each and every concern of yours. In simple words, canvas backdrops have become an absolutely essential tool today for succeeding in the photography domain. 

History of Canvas Backdrops

Traces of canvas backdrops can be found as far back as the nineteenth century. The early photography studios used rustic or quasi-classical designs on canvas. These canvas backgrounds were mostly used for portrait photography. However, these portraits belonged to the people of the bourgeoisie or the elite class. Canvas backdrops were a preferred option in family photographs too.

Although, when Brownie and Kodak cameras came into fashion, photography shifted from the elite studios to the masses. This caused a few decades of decline for canvas. But the high quality and premium results of canvas backdrops could not be ignored for long. And it regained its older glory when photography became a prime profession worldwide.

In the post-pandemic era when a large chunk of the customer base has shifted to online shopping, the demand for photography, mainly product and food photography has skyrocketed. As a result canvas backdrops have again taken the center stage in the photography world.

The Superior Quality of Canvas Backdrops

Photographers who have used canvas backdrops can vouch for their quality. In fact, these backdrops have become a synonym for quality and class today. It’s precisely for this reason that despite plenty of options available in the market, the canvas backdrop is worldwide photographers’ favourite. 

We provide the best canvas backdrops here at Every backdrop is made with a 250 gsm fabric that gives them a sturdy texture. We also use the most premium industry-standard paints to paint these backdrops. Most importantly, the highly durable nature of our canvas backdrops is the prime marker of their superior quality.

This excellent quality of canvas backdrops is not only reflected in their material but also in the designs. The variety of patterns, textures, and paintings made on these backdrops is simply outstanding. Therefore, with canvas backdrops, you get a perfect blend of desired patterns on the best quality canvas material.

The Different Varieties of Canvas

The best advantage of canvas backdrops is their wide variety. There are so many options to choose from that you will never feel your skills getting stagnated. There will always be immense scope to experiment and innovate.

We at offer you three categories of canvas backdrops. They are well suited for different kinds of photography and can be selected as per your specific requirements. 

  1. Handpainted backdrops

These backdrops specialize in their uniqueness, their refreshing outlook, and vibrant rich colours. Created by a team of highly experienced artisans, these backdrops are masterpieces made on order for you. The fine art paints used in these handpainted backdrops are carefully chosen to ensure that the end result is a completely matte finish. 

Our Airbrushed and Brushwork designs are especially preferred by photographers. We also provide Scenic and Textured backdrops that free you from the time-consuming hassle of creating a set.  In fact, the touch of old-styled rustic backgrounds adds a classy vintage mood to the photos. Our Old Master backdrops have a beautiful vignette design that is perfect for creating that classic style of portraiture. 

  1. Canvas Solid

Made from 250 GSM premium quality Indian cotton fabric, our canvas solid backdrops give you superior results.  Their rich texture and colour composition make them one of the top-ranking options. These backdrops can be easily used in portrait photography, baby photography, maternity photography, etc. They help a lot in saving time and resources that go into post-photography processing. 

  1. Tabletop Backdrops 

Tabletop backdrops play a vital role in food and product photography. Our food photography backdrops are carefully designed to give a more appetizing look to your food item. Even for product photography, our backdrops are specially made to enhance the product in depth.

Although they are canvas backdrops, the tabletop backdrops are made with 300gsm canvas. Each backdrop is painted to order and painted by hand. The paints and dyes used are the most premium and they ensure a surface that can handle any kind of spill. The texture on these backdrops is amazing and will elevate your products instantly. 

 Why Canvas is the Right Choice?

When it comes to choosing the right backdrop, the problem of plenty can be real. Therefore, finding the best backdrop which is most suited to your need requires careful selection.  In this context, the canvas can be said to be the right choice for you, because of its following features:

Unique: When each backdrop is exclusively hand-painted by trained artists, the outcome is nothing short of exceptional. This gives a distinct uniqueness to canvas backdrops. This quality is difficult to find in other varieties of backdrops.

Versatile: Handpainted canvas backdrops are the easiest and most cost-effective way to achieve visual effects in your photography. A Scenic backdrop will provide you with a gorgeous view of the beach, forests, or mountains without you having to do the travel. Even other categories like the Brushwork or Textured will give you a variety of deep, rich colours and textures. A handpainted canvas backdrop gives you more depth and richness in all your images. 

Canvas backdrops are an investment when it comes to photography. They help you stand apart from the crowd with the uniqueness they provide. The best part is that they are perfectly suited for all kinds of photography – whether it is fashion, portrait, maternity, baby photography, and even food and product photography.  




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