For the first time ever we are bringing you a range of affordable backdrops that are better than anything you’ll ever find. These are premium quality backdrops that have been created after months of research to deliver quality at the most affordable prices. Introducing, our new range of polyester backdrops – the Essential Solids, in four brand new colours.  

No compromises on Quality  

It took months of research and several trial and error attempts to get the fabric right. We developed a special yarn for the fabric so it could be woven for better performance. Most polyester backdrops in the market are made with fabric that has been knit. This makes the backdrop transparent as it leaks light when it is knit. But our essential solid backdrops are woven to avoid this problem. They are completely opaque and the fabric doesn’t leak any light. 

It also helps the polyester backdrops perform better as its opacity helps the backdrop absorb light. So when regular polyester backdrops have a shiny quality to them, ours don’t because they absorb more light than usual. It also makes them completely non-reflective and perfectly suited for photography and videography. We have also given the fabric a special treatment that makes it even softer than cotton.

Better Than Other Affordable Backdrops

For years, Lekera backdrops, made from a polyester and elastane blend have been the top choice of those looking for affordable backdrops. But when it comes to quality, these backdrops cannot hold up because they have become popular due to only their affordability. These backdrops also claim to resist all wrinkles and it is something a lot of photographers prefer. They might be able to resist wrinkles, but they don’t give you good results on camera. They are often transparent and because they are made with a knit fabric, they leak a lot of light. And lekera backdrops are often stitched together, so they are not seamless. 

They might still be okay for shooting photos but lekera backdrops cannot be used for shooting videos. While photos can be easily edited, videos take a lot more effort to look perfect. That is why when you are shooting a video, you need to make sure your background is good to go. Our Essential solid backdrops will hold up their own in any videos you create. They have been made to offer you a seamless background that will not need heavy editing. And due to the fact that they have a high absorption of light, they will give you a perfectly smooth finish. 

The Essential Solid backdrops are made from premium quality polyester and are 150gsm in thickness. Their thickness ensures that they are perfectly opaque and easy to work with. This new range is perfect for beginners or first-time backdrop users. If you are a photographer looking for easy-to-use and affordable backdrops, this range is for you. If you are a content creator and you need to elevate your production, these backdrops are for you. 

Affordable backdrops in multiple colours and sizes

These backdrops are available in four basic colours White, Black, Grey and Green. The backdrops are completely seamless so you can easily create all kinds of sets with them. You can hand them on a backdrop stand, or use them without a stand. They are available in eight different sizes and each size serves a different purpose. 

5ft by 7ft is perfect for product photography and close-up portraits. 6ft by 9ft is good for half-size portraits and baby photography. 8ft by 10ft is a good size for full-length portraits and videos. However, you will be unable to shoot wide-angle content with this size. It would also not give a lot of room over the head to create a portrait with negative space. 

The size 10ft by 10ft is perfect for full-length photos and videos. It is also a size that is perfect for two people as there is enough space to create an impactful portrait. 10ft by 16ft, 10ft by 20ft and 10ft by 24ft are perfect for families or groups. These sizes are good for creating complete sets and for covering everything from top to bottom. 

So, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, you can try out these affordable backdrops. If you are starting out, they are an amazing option to go for as your first-time backdrop. You can easily figure out how to use a backdrop in your images and videos and gauge what difference it makes to your content. If you are an experienced photographer, you can add these backdrops to your collection and increase your choices in your studio! 

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