We are celebrating this Holi with a big splash and launching a whole new range of Muslin Backdrops. The festival of colours is always special to us and this time we wanted to make it bigger than ever by adding a whole range of new colours and designs to our extensive catalogue of muslin backdrops.

What’s different than before? A lot! We have gone through your most loved designs, taken inspiration from our bestsellers, and played with all the popular colours to create this range.

Backdrops4ever Marigold shot by Manish Linga

Five New Reversible Muslin Backdrops!

One of our specialty products, Reversible Backdrops have been a favourite of our users ever since we introduced them on our website. Every reversible backdrop has two distinct designs on each side, giving you two backdrops in one. We ensure that each side is dyed separately and each side is opaque, and it gives you the perfect separation between two backdrops.

As reversible backdrops give you more bang for your buck, they are one of our most popular muslin backdrops. And this time, we have incorporated some of your favourite Mottled muslin designs into our new Reversible Backdrops. Walnut Reversible is a combination of Walnut Alcove and Hearth Brown, two of our most loved Crush dyed backdrops. Raven Reversible is a combination of Outer Space Crush dyed and Carbonite Washed muslin backdrops. Other new additions are Gunmetal, Flame Orange, and Black Orchid.

StudioFolks Flame Orange (L), StudioFolks Walnut (R)

Crush Dyed Muslin Backdrops Are Everybody’s Favourite

Crush dyed muslin backdrops are not only the most popular backdrops on our website, they are backdrops most frequently used by photographers and content creators. In this launch, we have adapted some of the most popular colours of paper backdrops and turned them into beautiful crush dyed backdrops. Tan crush dyed is a brand new addition that is a twist on Savage Beige, and Superior Wheat. Charcoal is a warm grey crush dyed muslin backdrop as an addition to our extensive collection of grey backdrops. After all, grey will always be popular with photographers.

More new additions to the backdrops are Red Clay, Khaki, and Oakwood – three variations of brown crush dyed muslin backdrops. They give you more options to play around with. And the most unique addition of all is Cactus – a design that is colourful and playful, a perfect embodiment of the spirit of Holi.

StudioFolks Cactus (L), StudioFolks Tan (R)

An Explosion of Colours in Washed Mottled Backdrops

Washed Mottled backdrops give you the perfect amount of texture with a beautiful rendition of colour. Inspired by Carbonite washed mottled, we have introduced an even darker version of this backdrop as Carbon Black. If you’re looking for a black backdrop and want some texture, this is the backdrop for you.

Also part of the launch are some gorgeous colours never seen before. Sakura is inspired by Savage Coral and Superior Carnation Pink, and it is a beautiful pink shade with a gorgeous texture. Orchid is a play on the Superior Scarlet and is a perfect play on the bright and bold colour.

We also have Dahlia, Limelight, and Seaweed – three beautiful colours that give you endless opportunities to create awesome content with!

ColourBLasters Limelight (L), ColourBlasters Orchid (R)

More Designs in the Solid Mottled and Handpainted Mottled Category

This time, we have done a lot of research about what’s popular, what are the colours and designs that people favour the most, what backdrops work best for all kinds of photography as we have created this new range.

Chrome, Magma and Ash Grey are the new additions to the Handpainted Mottled Collection. These are bold and vibrant colours with designs that are meant to add a beautiful depth to your images.

Pearl, Marigold, and Tulip are new additions to the Solid Mottled Collection. These are bright, beautiful colours that make them perfect for all kinds of content creators. From fashion videos to portrait photography, these colours will fit with everything you are planning!

Backdrops4ever Magma (L), Backdrops4ever Tulip (R)

We know you have been waiting for these – Airbrushed Backdrops

When it comes to premium fabric backdrops, there is no one who does it better than us. So we had to introduce more designs of our most popular Airbrushed backdrop – the BackdropsBazaar Copper Airbrushed Photography Backdrop!

Backdrops4ever Mauve (L), Backdrops4ever Mars (R)

The Mars Airbrushed backdrop and Mauve Airbrushed backdrop that we are launching in this series are beautiful adaptations of our most popular airbrushed backdrop. They have the most vibrant colours that will make everything you shoot pop instantly.

And that’s all for our new designs of Muslin backdrops. We hope you love these gorgeous colours and play with them this Holi.

Happy Holi from Team Studiobackdrops.

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