Gone are the days when photographers had to break their backs carrying multiple bulky backdrops while traveling. Today, we have Twistflex Backdrops as a one-stop solution for lightweight, easy portability, and wide varieties. This backdrop pops up in a matter of seconds, letting you have a portable studio, virtually anywhere you go. No wonder photographers worldwide have Twistflex backdrops on top of their ‘must-have’ list.

What are Twistflex Backdrops?

Twistflex backdrops are the handiest option for photography. You can perfectly fold them into compact circles which in turn go into their complementary zipper case. The material used for Twistflex can be of many types. It can be canvas, muslin, or polyester. Our current range of Twistflex backdrops are made of 165gsm fabric. And have a premium light absorption quality which produces classic reflection-free portraits. However, the biggest attraction point of Twistflex backdrops is the myriad of designs available here. Given its double-sided nature, you can already double your options for creativity!

When can you use a Twistflex?

Twistflex Backdrops have revolutionized the world of photography. With these versatile and affordable backdrops, top-notch photoshoots are no more just confined to a few elite studios.

If you have a small studio space that may not have enough room for a full backdrop setup, Twistflex backdrops are the way to go. They come as collapsible discs, so setting them up is super easy. Also, their steel frame ensures that they remain steady even without a stand, further addressing the space crunch. However, you can always opt for a size-adjustable stand for extra stability and better angles. Twistflex can also be supremely useful for a Home Studio setup. Digital content developers, social media entrepreneurs, and even video game players can have these amazing backgrounds, well within their homes.

But, if you are someone who travels a lot for work then Twistflex Backdrops are the most essential arsenal you must possess. You might come across locations where the natural backdrop is not fitting or you might have to shoot in small pieces here and there. And the terrain can also be challenging for setting up a full-fledged backdrop. Then Twistflex backdrops are going to be your savior. You can very conveniently set them up without any extra gear. It is equally easy to wrap them up to move to the next shoot.

Twistflex Backdrops are mostly preferred for taking headshot portraits. But the wide varieties of dimensions provided by us, going up to 6 feet by 7 feet can give you 3/4th coverage as well. It is also ideal for standing video photography outdoors. Vloggers particularly use them as gateways to create exciting backgrounds.

How to use Twistflex Backdrops?

Twistflex backdrops can fold down to 1/3rd of their original size in a collapsible backdrop kit. Although this process of opening and folding the backdrop is no rocket science, a few points can improve the lifespan of your backdrops.

Your backdrop pops open the moment you take it out of the kit. This can be mounted vertically or horizontally from a stand, hook or can simply be fixed to furniture with clamps. If you are getting a stand for Twistflex backdrops, it is already equipped with a tight clip on the top.

Clearly, setting up the backdrop is an easy task. However, the folding part can get a little tricky. For this, you need to hold the backdrop in front of you with your hands on each side and fold it inwards, making a V shape. Further closing the V gap, make the two ends of the backdrop meet. Then, while holding the backdrop still,  allow the bottom to come in towards you. Finally, keeping your hands on the top of the backdrop, follow the collapsing action downward. You can then store it in its complementary bag. Try to fold the backdrop on different sides after each use for avoiding any permanent stretch on the frame.

Benefits of using Twistflex Backdrops:

Many times, photographers reach a creativity blockage and try to explore avenues to expand their photography skills and style. There can be no better tool to experiment with than Twistflex backdrops. There are multiple reasons behind this

Reversible Feature

Twistflex offers to choose from multiple combinations of double-sided backdrops. The multiple varieties offered due to this reversible nature give Twistflex backdrops a high advantage. In fact, these varieties in turn have many sub-varieties based on solid colors, printed backgrounds, and painted options. Therefore, most photographers carry multiple such discs with them for exploring a wide variety of options.

Storing and Transporting

As discussed earlier, the light-weight and collapsible feature of Twistflex Backdrops enhance portability and comfort multiple times. The complementary zipper case further increases safe storage and transportation. This makes it extremely travel-friendly.

Bonus Green Screen and Reflector

The best quality of the Twistflex backdrop is that it can also be used as a reflector. Particularly, the Black and White Twistflex offered by us is especially preferred for this. Similarly, the Chromakey Blue and Green Twistflex backdrop can be used as a green screen. Having such a screen in your gear can make post-production effects very simple and easy too.

Hence, if you wish to refine your photography skills and push the limits of your creativity Twistflex backdrops can surely be a very versatile, very trustworthy companion.

Ideal for Vlogging and Headshots

With these backdrops, it’s very convenient to creatively control the lighting, composition, and editing of headshot photography. Even if you are a gamer at a desk and wish to experiment with your background with exciting effects, Twistflex can be a very easy option.

Easy to Clean

Given collapsible backdrops fold up, they can get wrinkled easily. However, when they are open and stretched taut, these wrinkles are barely visible. You can easily get rid of these wrinkles with a steam iron.

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