For the first time ever, we bring you wrinkle resistant backdrops, a brand new product that makes the process of setting up much easier than before. We have created these backdrops after months of research, going back and forth with our manufacturers to ensure that we are making a backdrop that is better than before. This ended with us creating a completely new fabric that is perfectly suited to use as a backdrop. We have also used a new dyeing technique to ensure that the fabric stays as wrinkle resistant as possible. It is a backdrop that has never been seen before.

Lekera Backdrops (made from a polyester and elastane blend) have been gaining popularity in the market over the last few years thanks to their cheap price and ability to resist wrinkles. This claim attracts a lot of photographers who are looking for an affordable fabric backdrop that doesn’t need special handling. However, these backdrops are often stitched together, absolutely transparent and come apart after a few uses. The massive amount of negative comments on these products on Amazon suggests that people are looking for something better. That’s where we come in as we have taken all of that into account and created our new backdrops which solve all of the above problems.

A Superior Quality Wrinkle Resistant Backdrop

Our wrinkle resistant backdrops are made of heavy-duty polyester. The fabric is 185gsm, ensuring that you get a backdrop with enough thickness. Unlike most cheap lekera(lycra) backdrops, it is not see-through and provides a perfect backdrop to create all kinds of content. The fabric is very light absorbent, making it great for shooting with all kinds of studio lights. It is also extremely non-reflective, aiding in shooting both images and videos.

The wrinkle resistant backdrops are completely seamless and you can use them to create all kinds of sets. They are available in 8 different sizes and you can pick whichever suits your needs the best. The sizes are 5ft by 7ft, 6ft by 8ft, 8ft by 10ft, 10ft by 10ft, 10ft by 12ft, 10ft by 16ft, 10ft by 20ft and 10ft by 24ft.

They are currently present in six different colours but we are already working on some new colours. You can find the basic colours of White, Black, and Chroma Green. Along with Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Blue too.

The Benefits of Using Wrinkle Resistant Backdrops

There are several benefits of using our new wrinkle resistant backdrops. The very first benefit is in their name, of course. Their wrinkle resistant nature makes them the perfect candidate for shooting all kinds of content. But these fabric backdrops are especially beneficial to photographers and content creators working out of a small studio space. As they are very lightweight compared to bulky rolls, they are very easy to handle and set up.

If you are a part-time or an amateur photographer, then you must invest in a wrinkle resistant backdrop. It is a very easy to use the backdrop and it is worth the money you invest in it as it can last you for a very long time. They are also very lightweight and can be easily carried to any location.

The polyester material of the backdrop is what makes them wrinkle resistant and very easy to use. Most professional photographers prefer these backdrops as they do not require steaming to be used or special handling and storage to prevent wrinkles. In fact, you can store the backdrops any way you want and they will still remain perfectly wrinkle free.

If you are working alone and don’t have a team to assist you, it is perfect for you. It is a backdrop that is made to be handled without any assistance.

Wrinkle Resistant Backdrops are perfect for Shooting Video Content

The unique quality of our polyester backdrops is what makes them perfect for creating video content. They are seamless and smooth, giving you a great background to work with. It is not only easy to set up, but also very easy to shoot with. You can easily set them up in your studio, your home, or in any location by hanging them on the backdrop stand. We provide a 4” rod pocket so you can easily hang the backdrop anywhere you need.

Since the backdrop absorbs light rather than reflects it, it ensures glare-free shots. And it is this quality that makes it an awesome backdrop to shoot video content with. The fabric backdrop can be set up anywhere, even in the most confined spaces to give you a great, seamless background. Whether you need to shoot content while sitting at your desk or shoot full-length content in your studio – this is a backdrop that comes in handy in all situations.

Its highly wrinkle resistant nature ensures that the background is always smooth. It gives you the same effect as a paper backdrop, at a fraction of its cost. It is also great for using as a green screen for chroma-keying. The polyester fabric can be fitted into whatever shape you need for the green screen. And you can easily edit this backdrop as it provides much less of a challenge than other green screens. It is very easily replaced in post-processing due to its smooth and seamless nature.

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