Fashion photography no longer remains the domain of highly influential and experienced photographers. In fact, new players have entered the game in the form of digital creators who create stunning visuals in their homes with much more affordable equipment. It is one of the most popular kinds of content on Instagram. And if you are a fashion influencer, or aspire to be one, then this blog will guide you through the process of how important photography backdrops are to the content you create.

Make Your Content Professional as a Fashion Influencer

While you can easily create images and videos with your phone and no fancy light setup, it is not going to be the same as professional creators on the platform. You can choose a great setting but it will not be the same as the content shot in a studio space. You might think making your visuals look like they are shot in a studio space is not important. But let us tell you that it is. People love images and videos that have a high production value and that look much better than anything they can create. It is all about making things look aspirational. If you decide to post normal, everyday clothes as a fashion blogger, then would your audience still be interested in your work?

Backdrops are a standard in most kinds of photography, but especially in fashion. Most studios stock an entire range of photography backdrops. They are a necessity when it comes to creating fashion content because they provide the quality background needed to display the clothing. They give you a clutter-free space that instantly looks professional.

Backdrops Bring Focus To Your Content

Backdrops are the easiest way to get rid of all the noise in the background and minimize all distractions. They ensure that the focus is completely centred on the subject of the shoot. Whether it is an outfit, makeup, jewellery, shoes, or just the person in the image, the focus remains solidly on the subject when a backdrop is in play.

There are three broad categories of backdrops used all over the world – Paper backdrops, Muslin backdrops, and Canvas backdrops. Paper backdrops come in one single colour and are often without any texture, made to give you a seamless effect. While Muslin and Canvas come in single colours and in painted variations too. All these backdrops have one thing in common – they are all non-reflective surfaces that absorb light. Any shine or reflection you would get from other surfaces is eliminated with the use of a backdrop.

The biggest benefit of a backdrop is that it gives you a complete set in itself. All you need is a backdrop stand to set it up properly and it removes everything unwanted from your shot. Whether you are using a paper backdrop or a cloth backdrop, it helps you reduce noise from your environment.

What Backdrops can you use as a Fashion Influencer?

There are benefits to both Muslin and Paper backdrops and we’ll tell you about both.
Paper is the first choice of industry professionals and it is everywhere in studio setups. They come in the form of a roll, so you can easily put them up on a backdrop stand and unrolled for usage. Seamless paper backdrops or single colour paper backdrops are the most popular ones. There are printed versions and paper backdrops with patterns but Content Creators often use single colour paper backdrops.

All you need to know about paper backdrops.

Paper backdrops are completely seamless and give you a smooth and even texture. It is the seamless quality of the paper that makes it more popular among Fashion Influencers everywhere. They provide the perfect plain background that helps in highlighting different coloured outfits and unique prints, patterns, and designs.

However, they are a little bulky and you can’t handle the paper roll alone because of its weight. If you are not careful with the storage of your paper backdrop, it might end up forming waves or creases through the paper. The paper roll has to be rolled up tightly and secured with tape to keep it fixed in place. And since they come in the form of a roll, they need large spaces to work with.

All you need to know about muslin backdrops

Muslin backdrops also give you the same seamless background that is smooth and even. They are less reflective than paper backdrops and will be easier to light. There are two broad categories of muslin backdrops, the Solid Muslin and the Mottled Muslin backdrops. They have more texture to them and they also come with various designs. Muslin backdrops are great for close up portraits and they will give you more dynamic and dramatic images.

The best thing about muslin backdrops is that they are very lightweight and you can carry them anywhere you want. You can easily create a setup in a small space with muslin backdrops. They are also very easy to store and if you take care of them, they can last you for several years. And, they are much more affordable too.

As Muslin is a 100% cotton fabric, it is a material that can get natural wrinkles. And it’s not possible to keep it free of all kinds of creases and folds. But you can easily get rid of them with a handy steam iron.

What Colour Backdrops to Choose as a Fashion Influencer?

If you want to play it safe, then white is the best option for a fashion content creator. It is perfect works with the entire spectrum of colours and it will always highlight your outfit when you click a picture against it. You can also experiment with different lighting setups and add different coloured highlights to your white backdrop. White, Super White, Bright White, Bone, Cream are different shades of white you can go for. However, at the end of the day, white can also make your content look like e-commerce photos and videos.

Another popular colour is grey, ranging from Slate grey, Thunder Gray, Dove Grey, Lunar Grey, Platinum Grey, every possible shade. Grey is also popular for its neutrality just like white. It highlights the entire spectrum of colours and stays in the background, providing you with a solid platform to shoot with.

Beige is a colour that has risen in popularity very quickly. Lately, more and more Fashion Influencers are opting for Beige, Wheat, Tan backdrops as it has become quite trendy. Unlike white and grey, it has a more noticeable presence in the background. But just like the previous two colours, it also does a great job of highlighting different colours. It is a colour that compliments Indian skin tones and works perfectly with all types of Indian complexions. When the backdrop matches your skin tone, the makeup and apparel pop even more.

Go big and bold with colours and textures

Blue, pink, orange green, yellow, black, there are so many colour options you can go for. But the question is, do you want to stand out from the crowd and make that statement? There are many fashion influencers who have opted for bright and bold colours and their content is even more compelling. Mottled muslin is also a great option if you want to play with varieties of colours and textures. They are created with different colours and dyes, and there is a texture that appears in your visuals.

Now that you know everything there is to know about backdrops, use them to create content and become the Fashion Influencer you aspire to be.

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