Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned photographer, a photography backdrop is something that you need. There is such a wide variety available that you might question which one suits you best. 

The main purpose of a backdrop is to give you a dynamic background that allows for constant high-quality output. It works in tandem with the lighting to provide the optimum results, whatever your setting may be. A photoshoot can entirely depend on the quality of material used in the making of a backdrop. 

Paper is good for the seamless look

When it comes to shooting in a studio setup, paper backdrops are a no-brainer as they are very easy to use, and can be set up very quickly if you have an established setup. They are usually thick, ranging anywhere between 125 GSM to 145 GSM, making them resistant to wear and tear. 

Paper blends seamlessly without overshadowing the product. They come in various sizes so that selection can be made according to the needs of the photographer. The paper backdrops are to be used with a stand or a backdrop system that is mounted on the wall or ceiling. 

You can also use a backdrop without a stand by simply cutting out the portion you need for your set. The best thing about paper backdrops is that when they get dirty, you can simply cut off that part and unroll a fresh side.

However, due to their heavy nature, paper backdrops are not ideal for on-location shooting. It requires higher maintenance as it needs to be put away carefully after every usage. You also need to be very careful while stepping on the paper or around it as it can get dirty or ruined. If you are shooting by yourself and setting it up alone it will be difficult to handle the paper. 

Since they don’t interfere with the product, they are a popular choice while shooting products. Another reason why paper backdrops are preferred in commercial photography is the smooth appearance it provides, ensuring quick and hassle-free shooting.

Picture Credits : Rohan Sachdeva

Muslin’s portability makes it the popular choice of Photography Backdrops

Muslin backdrops have been used by professional photographers for decades now for multiple reasons. A Muslin backdrop works flawlessly in every indoor and outdoor location. All of our muslin backdrops are made out of 100% high-quality, non-reflective cotton, making them an excellent choice for both video production, regular portrait and commercial photography. 

Muslin backdrops are available in thickness of 165gsm and are suitable for heavy as well as regular use. They are more affordable when compared to other categories of photography backdrops, making them popular with amateur photographers.  

Muslin is a breathable fabric that is extremely forgiving in terms of handling and mobility. Another advantage of muslin backdrops is there are endless options when it comes to designs and colours. You can use these backdrops any way you want – you can spread it down on the floor, hang them using the rod pocket, and walk on them without fear. You can easily remove any wrinkles that appear on the backdrop with an iron or a fabric steamer.

Picture Credits : Manish Malhotra

Canvas is the classic photography backdrop

If you are on the lookout for textures in backdrops, canvas backdrops are the way to go. Since canvas is good at absorbing paints, it is the perfect material for creating different textures. Canvas is a textured fabric on its own and the material we use ranges from 250gsm to 300gsm. 

We offer you the largest range of handpainted canvas backdrops. Every backdrop is meticulously crafted by professional artisans who have decades of industry experience. They are created using industry-standard paints to give you the perfect matte finish that never cracks. 

When you invest in a canvas backdrop, you are investing in a backdrop that will last you for years to come. A canvas backdrop will elevate your images regardless of the setting. It gives you extra texture and depth in your images. We recommend that you store them with care and spot clean with a mild detergent if it happens to get dirty.

Picture Credits : Kalyani Ambike

Polyester is the New and Popular Photography Backdrop

Our range of Polyester backdrops is a fairly new player in the world of backdrops. Cheap polyester backdrops have been present in the market for a very long but they are not of the greatest quality. Any photographer who has used them understands why they are not the first choice for photoshoots. 

Our range of polyester backdrops has been created after months of research. This new polyester fabric that we offer has been tested several times to ensure that it is highly wrinkle resistant. The fabric is also completely stain-proof and can be washed as many times as you need. 

Our wrinkle-resistant range of polyester is extremely breathable and resistant to wear and tear. They come in solid single colours and are suitable for catalogue and portfolio shoots. Since the polyester is washable and extremely lightweight, the backdrop becomes portable to a fault, and a hassle-free choice for outdoor settings. 

The opaque texture and excellent light absorption by the fabric make it perfect for photo and video creation. They can also be used as a perfect green screen setup.

We know that Paper blends in to give you a smooth finish, polyester is highly wrinkle-resistant, and lightweight, and Muslin is available in the largest variety ever. Canvas, with handpainted options, open new doors to creativity. Each material serves a different purpose and we hope this blog has helped you understand their usage better.


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